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 Pitquidity Bear Market Party Trading Competition 

On the heels of our Yellow Brick Road to 10 BNB Competition a short while ago, we are launching the Bear Market Party Trading Competition.  In these morose crypto bear markets, Pitquidity Capital has the know how and skills to not only survive, but be one of the few projects to thrive in these times. If you feel victimized by the recent uptober trick, Pitquidity Capital has your back!  We are sure you will like this treat!


 Starting at 00:00 UTC Friday October 13's Bear Market Party Trading Competition begins, and will last until Pitquidity Capital trades for 6 BNB.  At the time the 6th BNB is collected, we will announce a time for the Bear Market Party countdown launch.  The launch will consist of dropping the 6 BNB to all holders of $PITQC with 1 or more, in a countdown fashion.

3 BNB released day 1
2 BNB released day 2
1 BNB released day 3 

There will be a grand prize of .25 BNB for the wallet with the most trading volume (buys/sells) of $PITQC within the start time and at the end of the countdown. 

We hope to see you, and happy trading.
Stay liquid!!

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