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About Us

Introduction to Pitquidity

Pitquidity’s mission is partly inspired by a Tri-Colored Pitbull named Bronx who exists in real life (we may release live footage of Bronx in the wild).  Tri-Colored Pitbulls have a unique compilation of traits that include a particular decisiveness and cleverness along with a unique adaptive fluidity that allows the breed, (Bronx in particular), to perfectly execute any task they wish with ease.  

The above spirit combined with recognition of market makers in the Ethereum Reflection Token (ERT's) market that there is a need for more volume and liquidity to push reflections to our wallets, made us take action like a Pitbull would do to solve this for Pitquidity and the ERT market as a whole.

Our Mission, Operational Philosophy and Future Goals


Our mission at Pitquidity is to provide multiple layers of passive income to our holders in the form of low tax ETH and BNB volume rewards, passive income profits from revenue streaming investments (GALA, ENERGI and other node operations, liquidity pools reward tokens. etc) and speculation on $PITQD itself. 


The costs of trading $PITQD or any token Pitquidity created on Hardwood shall always be below the market average to ease the burden of our holders/traders of paying high taxes while incentivizing speculation trading by making entering and exiting a $PITQD position a pleasure, while rewarding holders with sustainable volume based rewards. 

The future of blockchain investing and Pitquidity holdings are getting extremely exciting as new blockchain assets are available to purchase for our holders such as royalty based Music NFT's and tokenized real world assets that can be easily bought and integrated into Pitquidity's portfolio making the weekly #Cascade (50% profit sharing to holders) an event that is such a  spectacle that everyone can easily and should be a part of by just holding $PITQD on either the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain as Pitquidity gives the option to holders.  A big theme for Pitquidity is to #StayLiquid and low cost high return options are something we always seek to strive to find, and return back to our holders.  

Sit back and let Bronx glide all of us to the moon in functionality and style.

Meet The Team


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