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About Us

Introduction to Pitquidity

Pitquidity’s name and mission is inspired by a Tri-Colored Pitbull named Bronx who exists in real life (we may release live footage of Bronx in the wild).  Tri-Colored Pitbulls have a unique compilation of traits that include a particular decisiveness, cleverness and playfulness along with a unique adaptive fluidity that allows the breed, Bronx in particular, to perfectly execute any task they wish with ease.  

Pitquidity is a portmanteau word combining our favorite breed "pit" with the one element of any market that makes it function "liquidity". If one realizes it or not, most everyone is searching for some form of liquidity in most of their waking hours.  

Bronx's spirit combined with his knowledge and experience in macro economic cycles, micro trends, technical analysis which is all bundled into intuition makes him a very successful crypto trader!

Our Mission, Operational Philosophy and Future Goals


Our mission at Pitquidity is to provide maximum value to our token holders $PITQC on the Binance Smart Chain ("BSC") outlined below.   


1. Bronx chose the BSC chain to launch $PITQC due to the nature of how Pitquidity operates. Distributing regular crypto trading profits ("Cascades") to $PITQC holders of multiple wallets on a regular basis  is gas fee intensive.  BSC is the chain that has the lowest gas fees while offering the best liquidity of the EVM chains. 

2. Creating Cascades for $PITQC holders is the core of Pitquidity's function.  Cascades are created via trading highly liquid pairs e.g ETH/USDT or trading special situations such as overzealous pumps and unloved dumps.  Our results speak for themselves, and you can verify each Cascade on the blockchain here on our Scoreboard Page.

3.  Pitquidity also owns 6 Gala Game, 2 Gala Music and 1 Gala Film Nodes to add collateral incase a trading position needs more.  The nodes will allow us access to eventually have access to interesting NFT's and prizes to reward $PITQC holders for trading competitions.  Also as Gala's games roll out Pitquidity will have in game NFT items that players will see in the metaverse that will act as advertising. 

In the near future Pitquidity hopes to find and start trading on a DEX like AiPX that provides enough liquidity to execute our trades while being transparent to everyone. Eventually Bronx would like to incorporate more NFT assets as these markets develop to create as much value for all $PITQC holders.  


For now let Bronx take the wheel in the Trading Pit, while you sit back relax and glide to the moon with all of us. 

Bring Wall Street to your Street with !!

More details can be found at our Prospectus.

Meet The Team

Bronx Pitbull Pitquidity CEO Trader


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